Beautiful Design:

We aim to have a stunning design, by using the GNOME desktop enviroment and stunning animations, complete with some GNOME extensions, we plan to have a beautiful, intuitive and easy to use desktop.


We aim to be as secure as possible. Most preinstalled applications come from Flatpak and Flathub, a containerised, sandboxed method of Linux application distribution.

Ease of use:

We aim to be a distribution for the majority of people, those who want a beautiful, stable and secure desktop. We are based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to provide that stability. Flatpak is at the heart of CelOS. The core applications you may be using eg: Firefox, will come from a flathub repository. Any software or games you might want to install (examples include: Spotify, Discord, Steam, Minecraft) can be installed right from GNOME Software!

Terminal commands help

Download CelOS 1:

Recommended minimum requirements:
Storage 30 GB

Ready to try CelOS?

Download [Beta v2.0]

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