Free and Open-Source Software:

We at Cob:web Development believe in open source software, and we will actively create software that is free to use, and open source. We believe in the validity and security that open source software brings, as well as the benefits of having an active community submit requests and actively contribute to the projects that they use, and love the most. This is why all of our projects are licensed under the MIT License.

Privacy and your data:

We value privacy, and we also value our users privacy. This is why you will find no advertisements, third-party cookies or any privacy concerning features on Cob:web development. We ensure that all of our applications and software does not store, or use user-data so that you can remain anonymous whilst using our applications. Privacy matters, and we feel that other technology companies should follow our agenda and adopt a new privacy policy which puts the user and their data first.


We will always try to maintain and ensure that our apps are secure, however if a vunerability is found, due to the open-source nature of our software you can either submit a fix yourself or contact one of our developers to bring the issue up with them so that we can ensure that everyone is protected whilst using our application.

Our projects:

Here you will find a collection of all of our digital products and applications.
All of them are open source and licensed under the MIT License.


CelOS is a simple, easy-to-use, Flatpak-centric Linux distribution where we prioritise stability, security and ease-of-use. CelOS ships with the beautiful GNOME desktop environment for an easy, stunning experience.

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Easy, anonymous chatting. Whittr is a chatting web-application made in JavaScript, HTML and CSS and works across all devices.

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So easy, it feels like cheating. CSSheet is a simple CSS framework for your website to aide developers and make their website development easier.

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Minimal is an easy-to-use, open-source Discord bot which can fit anyones needs! With a wide variety of commands ranging from moderation, fun and utiility, making your life on Discord, easier.

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Clibc-ng is a new generation libc extension/wrapper written in Modern C. With Clibc we have speed, safety and efficiency in mind!

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